Schedule of fitness classes

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Types od fitness classes:

Healthy Spine / Zdrowy Kręgosłup Posture It combines classic fitness exercises, elements of Pilates, rehabilitation and stretching. The training focuses on teaching correct posture, strengthening weakened postural muscles, enhances the spine’s mobility and stretching the most important muscle groups.
Pilates Posture A system of exercises which allows you to strengthen the deep muscles of the abdomen, spine and pelvis in an easy and controlled way. Sometimes it utilizes various accessories such as balls, rollers or lines
Stretching Posture, relax A combination of relaxing-stretching exercises enhancing the flexibility of muscles and removing tensions.
Yoga Posture, relax Hathayoga involves performing sequences of positions (asans). The participants focus on deep and conscious breathing. Asans can be dynamic or static, their purpose is to strengthen the body and the mind. Through yoga, we aim at achieving a balance between our bodies and minds.
bodyART Posture, strengthening A combination of relaxation and a strengthening training. It utilizes the functions of particular muscles and body organs. It enhances the functioning of the whole body, provides correct breathing, inner energy and harmony.
Chi Meridian Stretch Posture, form Training based on eastern techniques of chi kung exercises (the art of accumulating life energy) and Meridian Stretch (the technique of stretching and clearing meridians, or channels of life energy). Calm, smooth and synchronized breathing exercises mainly in a standing position, strengthening your physical and mental condition.
Zumba Form, dance It is a fusion of dancing and aerobic inspired by latin rhythms. A very exciting and dynamic mixture of latin rhythms, i.e. merengue, salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, flamenco, samba, belly dance, cha-cha, rumba and twist combined with fitness steps.
Dance Fit Dance, strengthening Aerobic activities, simple dance sequences shaping all important muscle groups and exercise combinations strengthening hips and bums. After 30 mins, exercises focus on strengthening abdomen muscles, they finish with a 5 min stretching.
GT Training Strengthening, form A comprehensive, group, motoric training, that strengthens and stabilizes your body. It develops speed, jumping and mobility, gives strength and power. GT Training shapes a slim, athletic body and safely develops the body’s full potential.
Body Sculpt Strengthening Shaping and strengthening the muscles of the whole body. Moderate intensity, adequate selection of exercises and high number of repetitions affects muscle endurance, enhances mobility in joints and shapes correct body posture. The exercises utilize weights and rubbers.
Tabata Strengthening, form A combination of traditional aerobic exercises and an intensive interval training. Dedicated to all those who want to increase overall body performance and burn fat tissue.
TBC Strengthening, form Total Body Condition shaping the whole body, abdomen, bums, legs, arms. Strengthening and aerobic training hastens the process of fat tissue burning, enhances form and endurance. It utilizes varied equipment: dumbbells, lines, steps, balls and bars.
Pump Strengthening A training strengthening the whole body using bars and dumbbells. The possibility of adjusting the weight to individual capabilities makes it an activity for everyone, especially those expecting visible effects such as shaped posture, fat tissue reduction and increased body strength.
Step Strengthening, form A stamina training focused on lower limb muscles utilizing choreographic elements in step. It enhances body performance, hastens fat tissue burning.
TRX Strengthening Effective and safe functional training making use of own body mass with TRX lines. It involves the whole body and all muscle groups strengthening and firming them.
BPU Strengthening Strengthening and fat tissue reduction of abdomen, bums and laps. The training begins with a warmup followed by intensive strengthening exercises utilizing varied equipment.
Flat belly / Płaski Brzuch Strengthening, form Fat tissue burning and strengthening abdomen muscles. The aerobic part lasts approx. 25 mins and involves a simple choreographic sequence. The strengthening part lasts approx. 30 mins.
Shake Your Bootie / Pupomania Strengthening Strengthening and firming of the lower body parts, particularly bum and lap muscles. The exercises help you successfully get rid of unnecessary fat tissue and cellulitis. The activity begins with a 15 min warmup on Walker treadmills, the strengthening part lasts approx. 30 mins.
Aerobox Strengthening, form The activity combines aerobic with kickboxing, taekwondo, boxing and karate. It involves all muscle groups and enhances form as well as fat tissue burning. It is a very attractive form of dynamic physical activity combined with motivation music.
Indoor walking Form A simple, very effective functional group training on special mechanical treadmills. During a 1 hour march, you perform exercises strengthening leg, arm and bum muscles. Each class is 600 to 800 burnt calories, cardio training and a lot of fun.
Animal Flow Posture, strengthening Training system based on movement that we can observe in the world of animals, e.g. cats or chimpanzees. Contains elements of yoga, capoeira, exercises with body weight (calisthenics) and gymnastics. Animal Flow is a kind of functional training that engages the whole body to work.